Friday, May 24, 2013

Warm-ups 5/24

Here are the warm-ups and concepts i created this past week, all were approx. 1 hr concepts.

First up from last Friday 5/17 is an evil pumpkin concept.

Monday 5/20 started working out a concept for Trixie Treats. I started getting the basic structure down, but didn't nail it. Although it didn't turn out i learned more about her forms to apply to the next one.

Following are two Vampire concept characters i created based off my friends Ally and Brian. 

This sculpt from yesterday is a likeness study from Kristen Bell, also a base for my new Harley Quinn Piece.

A wolf piece i also started yesterday to try to visualize the kind of wolf i would like to go with my Red piece. 

These are my pieces from the week, Thanks for reading.

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